The female director unlucky

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Sasha Rose broke into a house with the purpose of stealing jewels in the family. She unlocked the door and quietly entered the house while the owner of the house was sleeping, taking a few steps to see on the closet the shoe had a phone she immediately put in her pocket and left on the paper with a kiss of Miss. Continuing Sasha Rose into the bedroom, she saw the couple of the householder sleeping, and she quietly walked in to rummage through her purse and borrow the money and put it in her pocket. Arriving in the spare bedroom, there was no one but Sacha woke up suddenly and heard a sound, went out to the living room and saw no one coming back into the bedroom when she saw the wallet was open on his desk and took the glasses and opened the wallet. Startled when there was no money left in the wallet. Suspecting to be a thief he ran straight to the extra bedroom when he discovered that Sasha Rose was taking the jeweled necklaces attached to the host and grabbed her by the neck, there was no other way than this unlucky female sorcerer grabbed her. cu cu guy boys sexually unable to resist her sexy body he had to take off his pants to suck cu. While the wife was sleeping in the main bedroom, the husband fucked with the female bandit in the second bedroom, after having sex, Sacha grabbed the bag and chased her out. His wife and Sacha crossed the road while she went out wearing only a mask to steal her. 
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